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Tanya Calvert

Corporate Communications Coordinator

Corporate Communications represents the verbal, visual and digital voice of the St. Thomas Police Service. Reporting incidents directly from the Executive Office, Tanya issues thousands of messages every year in print, on social media, TV and radio.   Daily communications consist of primarily media releases however it not unusual to see Tanya maintaining close ties to the Community Engagement Unit attending events in the city or at the scene of a major incident to liaise with the media and ensure citizens receive accurate information in a timely manner.

Some of the functions of our Corporate Communications Office is to:

  • Write and distribute media releases
  • Assist officers prepare for media interviews
  • Coordinate Press Conferences
  • Promote Police Initiatives in the Community
  • Build relationships with citizens by responding to on line inquiries
  • Design newsletters, brochures and other promotional material
  • Maintain website and social media content
  • Prepare Protective Services Report for the Police Services Board and City Council
Contact for more information!
519-631-1224   ext#4261