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In response to the increase in social challenges, specifically in the downtown, a community team was created to identify solutions to these complex health related problems. This team is comprised of many stakeholders from different areas such as service providers and business owners. It is important to bring together community partners as no one service or Agency can solve the issues alone. A collaborative approach to address social issues such as poverty, addiction, homelessness and mental health is needed to enhance community safety and well being in the city.

For the latest updates on how this team is working to keep St. Thomas a great place to live, work and play. Click the links below to read the meeting minutes and learn about the latest action plans being implemented.



St. Thomas Police Chief Chris Herridge – Ian City Scope Article
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2020 - Minutes - Community Team Approach to Social Issues (December 9, 2020) R
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2021 - Minutes - Community Team Approach to Social Issues (March 30 2021) R
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2020 - Minutes - Community Team Approach to Social Issues (November 17, 2020) R
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