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The St. Thomas Police Service introduces CamSafe, an upgraded and enhanced iteration of our existing camera registry program. CamSafe represents a significant leap forward in community-driven efforts to promote safety and combat crime effectively throughout our neighbourhoods. 

Building upon the foundation of our pre-existing camera registry, CamSafe aims to further streamline our community’s ability to partner with us. It operates as a voluntary CCTV and security video registry program, designed to collaborate between residents, businesses and the St. Thomas Police Service in ensuring the safety and security of our community.

CamSafe is a community based crime prevention opportunity and investigative resource that enlists the help of St. Thomas residents. This program allows community members to voluntarily identify their residential or business video surveillance. Identified addresses will be mapped on a database of surveillance camera locations for officers to quickly and effectively direct resources when investigating criminal offences in your neighbourhood.

Your participation in this innovative program is completely voluntary and can help deter and prevent crime.

CamSafe Registration can be done here: