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Media release Saturday December 23, 2023


On Friday December 22, 2023, a 33 year old male from St. Thomas wanted by STPS was arrested on the strength of a warrant by London Police service and was released with a future court date.  ST23022373


On Friday December 22, 2023, a 29 year old female turned herself into police station on a STPS bench warrant the female was released with a future court date. ST23022389

Assault with a weapon:

On Friday evening police responded to a disturbance at a local establishment.  Police were advised that bear spray was used on someone who was in a argument with another patron.  Police located the person who used the bear spray and arrested him for assault with a weapon.  The young person was released with conditions and a court date in the future.  ST23022404


While on general patrol police located a female known to be wanted by police.  Police arrested the female on the strength of the warrant.  The female was released at the scene with a new court date.  St23022406

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