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Building Bridges: Celebrating Police – Community Partnerships – CoP CIC

Police Week is an annual recognition week that focuses on increasing community

awareness and acknowledgement of police services, while strengthening partnerships between police and those they serve. The provincial theme for 2023 is Building Bridges: Celebrating Police – Community Partnerships” 

The St. Thomas Police Service Chief of PoliceCommunity Inclusion Council (CoP-CIC) was formed in recognition of the need to enhance the relationship between the Police and the increasingly more diverse communities of the St. Thomas we serve.

The CoP-CIC informs the Chief of Police on matters related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and elimination of racism and discrimination on strategic priorities using an intersectional and community driven approach.

The CoP-CIC offers strategic advice, tools and services that promote and embed inclusionary policies and practices into STPS services and programs in order to produce equity of outcomes for STPS employees and residents.


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