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RISE with the St. Thomas Police Service

St. Thomas, ONTuesday April 16th 2024 

The St. Thomas Police Service is pleased to share a collection of videos detailing our commitment to strengthening community connections and supporting survivors of intimate partner violence.

A video suite made possible by the funds received from the Victim Support Grant (VSG) enables the St. Thomas Police Service to further our efforts in linking victims with essential agencies and organizations in St. Thomas, all dedicated to fostering harmony, supporting survivors, and amplifying voices.

R.I.S.E. which stands for Resiliency, Inspiring, and Supporting Victims with Empathy, encapsulates our mission.

To empower and uplift survivors of intimate partner violence by connecting them to agencies in our city that inspire hope and provide the necessary tools for survivors to navigate their journey towards healing.

The St. Thomas Police Service is deeply committed to collaborating with local agencies and organizations that share our vision of a community where survivors are supported and empowered.

Victim Services Elgin, Second Stage Housing, Southwestern Public Health, Victim Witness Assistance Program and Valora Place are just five organizations in St. Thomas that share this vision with the STPS.

A video suite detailing the work being done, the support available and how the St. Thomas Police Service connects victim of intimate partner violence to these incredible resources in our community can be viewed here.

…because in St. Thomas, we R.I.S.E together


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