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Weekend Review

Weekend Call Tracker:  130   (Calls for service to police from 4 pm Friday July 13th to 6 am Monday July 16th)
A twenty six year old St. Thomas man was arrested Sunday afternoon around 3 pm on Talbot Street near First Avenue.  The man was observed by police riding his bicycle and was known to be wanted on a warrant for eight counts of breaching his court conditions.  The man is currently bound by four different court orders.  He was taken into custody with out incident and was later released on a Promise to Appear in Court at a later date.
A twenty three year old St. Thomas man turned himself into police over the noon hour on Sunday July 15th after an assault at a Talbot Street tavern Saturday night led to criminal charges.  The man is alleged to have attacked another twenty two year old male as he left the bar.  The victim was kicked and punched several times resulting in minor injuries.  Only one man was targeted in the altercation.  As a result the accused is now charged with one count of Assault and was released on a Promise to Appear in Court at a later date.
Theft From Vehicle
Approximately sixty five hundred dollars worth of equipment is missing after it was stolen from the back of a truck on Saturday night.  The vehicle was parked in the lane way of a Donker Street residence for the night.  The owner woke up Sunday morning and noticed some of his small tools were scattered on the ground around the truck and two larger pieces of equipment were gone.  Missing is a yellow and grey Bosch Jackhammer and Tamper.  Anyone with any information about this theft or knows the whereabouts of the stolen equipment is asked to contact STPS at 519-631-1224 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS
Forcible Entry
A thirty eight year old St. Thomas man was arrested on a warrant around lunch time Saturday July 15th on Talbot Street.  The man was wanted after an incident back on July 1st where he forced his way into an apartment occupied by a sixty year old female.  The male and female were known to each other however the man had been told before he was not welcome at the residence.  The woman sustained minor injuries to her hand as she attempted to hold her apartment door shut.  As a result the accused is now charged with one count of Forcible Entry.  He was taken into custody without incident and was held  at the Colin McGregor Justice Building overnight for court the next day.
Internal Theft
A twenty seven year old St. Thomas woman has been arrested after security video recorded her stealing almost eleven hundred dollars from a safe at her workplace.  St. Thomas Police were contacted on Friday July 13th  by management of a Talbot Street restaurant after they discovered money missing from a night deposit.  The restaurant reviewed their own video system and were able to quickly identify the suspect as she was an employee.  The wanted woman turned herself into STPS on Saturday July 15th and was charged with one count of Theft Under $5000.  She was released on a Promise To Appear.

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