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Weekend Media Sunday October 4, 2020

Police are investigating a string of incidents that occurred on Oliver Street and on Ross Street that would include a break & enter, mischief and multiple thefts. The incidents happened during the overnight hours on Friday Oct 3. Suspects entered a garage of one of the houses by damaging and compromising a window. Once inside they stole a leaf blower, weed eater, cannabis plants and other items. Thieves then made their way to another nearby residence where they entered the garage but did not take anything. The thieves were still not done they damaged a gate leading to the backyard of a residence and lastly the thieves made off with cannabis plants stolen from the backyard of a residence on Ross Street. Once the thieves were able to enter one backyard it became very easy for them to roam through multiple yards.

At around 4:50 in the early morning hours cuplprits stole a kid size scooter from a residence on Hiawatha Street. The scooter is a Fliker Scooter and is described as being green and black in colour. It is V Shaped and has 3 wheels. A second 3 wheeler bike was stolen from a house on Vanbuskirk Drive. The bike is described as a tricycle, it has a blue frame, it has a grocery basket on the back and has a pink metal basket on the front. The tricycle was secured to a trailer that was parked in the driveway.

Police are investigating 3 reported incidents that involve damage to vehicles. The first incident happened on Scott Street a motor vehicle was covered with eggs and flour. The second incident happened on Flora Street. The owner of the vehicle discovered an egg on the hood of the vehicle and investigation has revealed it has happened before and lastly just before midnight the owner of a vehicle that was parked at the rear of an East Street residence discovered someone poured a chemical substance on the roof of the vehicle causing extensive damage.

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