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Weekend Media Saturday October 3, 2020

A 50 year old male was arrested and taken into custody for Robbery and later released with a future court date. The actual incident was reported to police on Thursday October 1, 2020. The accused confronted the victim in a parking lot after the victim exited a store. The accused pushed the victim and stole the items the victim had just purchased.

Police are investigating a vehicle that was entered on Flora Street and a vehicle that was entered on Hiawatha Street. The first vehicle was entered in the overnight hours and thieves stole a wallet containing various pieces of identification, sunglasses, cigarettes, vehicle ownership and a quantity of loose change. The second vehicle was entered sometime between Sunday Sept 6 and October 2, 2020 and the thieves stole Ringette Equipment. The first equipment bag is a Team Canada Black Bag containing adult size equipment consisting of 2 sets of skates with white laces, helmet, goalie glove, regular hockey gloves, shin pads, girdle pants, neck and chest protector, blue and white St. Thomas Thunder practice jersey and a black jersey with the number 6 and a name on it. The second equipment bag is a grey and pink Team Canada bag containing youth size equipment consisting of skates size 1, bright orange laces, CCM helmet, neck guard, elbow pads, Hite gloves, girdle pants, shin pads, a maroon and black national ringette jersey and a blue and white jersey.

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