Weekend Media Saturday August 7, 2021

Weekend Media for Saturday August 7, 2021


On Friday August 6, 2021 around 9:00 in the morning an unknown person stole the following items from the front porch of a residence on Curtis Street.  A large black Nike Hiking Backpack with an attached blue sleeping bag, a wallet containing personal items and cash, a pair of red Air Jordan shoes size 9.5 and the camera that was attached to the under hang portion of the porch.  The home owner was only inside her residence for 6 minutes at the time of the theft.  **13094


Police arrested 3 individuals who had outstanding warrants for their arrest.  The first one was a 40 year old female who was released with a future court date, the second was  a 50 year old male who was held in custody pending a court appearance and lastly a 35 year old male  was released and provided a future court date.

Break & Enter

Police are investigating an early morning Break In to a garage at a residence on Wawa Street.  Home owners were alerted a 2:40 in the early morning hours to their r garage opening.  The home owners looked out a second story window and observed a male leaving their garage with a green electric hedge trimmer under his arm.  Attempts were made to the locate the male responsible but unfortunately he was able to get away.  Upon further inspection of the garage it was discovered a Dewalt drill with 2 batteries and a charger were missing and other items moved around but not taken.  The male suspect is described as wearing a Red T- Shirt, Black Shorts, Running Shoes with socks and a Ball Cap.  *13149

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