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Warrant/Attempt Break and Enter/Possession Stolen Property


On Sunday February 20, 2022 a 34 year old male was arrested on an outstanding probation warrant.  He was was released with a future court date.


On Sunday February 20, 2022 the St. Thomas Police Service received a report of an attempt break and enter at a church in the south end of the city.  Sometime between February 16 and February 18, 2022 an unknown person used an unknown object to break an exterior motion light.  The person also broke two panes of glass, however no entry was gained.  If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the St. Thomas Police or Crimestoppers. **2533


On Sunday February 20, 2022 the St. Thomas Police located and arrested a 37 year old male for possession of stolen property.  The male had been arrested a few days earlier on an unrelated matter. He had in his possession some items that did not belong to him, however police could not determine an owner immediately.  Further investigation determined that the items were stolen from a break and enter that had been reported to police.  The male was also out on probation.  Subsequently he was charged with possession of stolen property and failing to comply with his probation order.  He was released with a future court date.

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