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Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Warrant

Members of the Street Crime Unit were busy last night executing a search warrant at a residence on Fifth Avenue after a large quantity of drugs were located during a traffic stop.  The incident began around 7 pm when officers observed a Dodge SUV being driven around town making several short stops at various locations.  Members of the Street Crimes Unit suspected the vehicle was being used for drug trafficking activity and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop.   The driver attempted to evade police by making several sharp turns down different streets finally coming to a stop on Smith Avenue.  Once the vehicle stopped, the driver was immediately taken into custody however a male passenger fled on foot through several back yards.
Officers chased the man through the yards and into a residence on Fifth Avenue where he was taken into custody.  Police searched the vehicle and located 6.2 grams of Purple Fentanyl, 15 grams of Crystal Methamphetamine, 10 grams of Cocaine and 16.9 grams of Marijuana.  Street value of drugs seized is $4 469.00.  Officers from the Street Crimes Unit then secured a drug search warrant for the residence where the passenger was arrested.  A search of the dwelling produced $1920 in cash, a Rolex watch, cell phones, weigh scales, several knives, switch blade and a pellet gun.  All of the evidence was seized along with the SUV the suspects were driving.
As a result the driver, a forty year old St. Thomas man is charged with three counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, one count of Possession of a Prohibited Device and three counts of Breach of Release Conditions.  The passenger, a thirty year old London man is charged with three counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, one count of Possession of a Prohibited Device and five counts of Breaching Release Conditions.  The Passenger is   Both men were held in custody at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for Court.   The Passenger has been charged by police five times for Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking for incidents dating back to  October and November of 2017.
**Purple Fentanyl or Purple Heroin is the street name that has been given to a particular illicit drug fabricated in clandestine labs.  Purple food colouring is added to indicate to potential buyers that the drug is a mix of Fentanyl, Carfentanil and or heroin.  Several fatal overdoses have been linked to Purple Fentanyl in Ontario this summer**
A fifty eight year old St. Thomas man was arrested yesterday after he was recorded on video damaging his neighbours property earlier in the week.  Police were contacted after a Manitoba Street resident had his home security system damaged back on September 3rd.  When the resident reviewed the video a few days later, it had recorded his neighbour trespassing on his property and smashing his camera with a weed eater.  As a result the man is now charged with Mischief to Property Under $5000.  He was released on a Promise to Appear in Court

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