Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest

Traffic Stop
A twenty nine year old London man was arrested by officers just after 11 pm on Wednesday night October 3rd during a traffic stop on Chestnut Street in the city.  The vehicle was pulled over when officers observed that the licence plates attached to the vehicle were not legally registered.   Police took the driver into custody when they discovered that his driver’s licence was currently suspended on two separate suspension orders.  Upon searching the vehicle officers located one gram of crystal methamphetamine, stolen property and cheque printing equipment.  Police believe the man was printing replica cheques from a London business and using friends to cash the bogus cheques.   The licence plates were seized at the scene and the vehicle was towed to a compound.  The driver, Stephen Doyle, is now charged with:

  • four counts of Drawing Documents Without Authority
  • two counts of Possession of Stolen Property Under $5000
  • one count of Drug Possession
  • two counts Breach of Conditions

and seven separate Highway Traffic Act Offences:

  • two counts of HTA 53(1) – Drive While Under Suspension
  • one count of HTA7(1)(a) – Drive Motor Vehicle, No Currently Validated Permit
  • one count of HTA7(5)(a) – Fail to Surrender Permit for motor vehicle
  • one count of HTA12(1)(c) – Remove Plate Without Authority
  • one count of HTA12(1(d) – Use Plate Not Authorized for vehicle
  • one count of CAIA 3(1) – Owner Operate Vehicle No Insurance

Doyle was held in custody overnight at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for a court appearance the next day.
Shoplifter Arrested
A thirty six year old St. Thomas woman was arrested Friday night around 7 pm after stealing several CD’s from Walmart.  The woman was observed by Loss Prevention Officers opening peeling the plastic seal off of CD’s in the electronics department and removing the disc from the packaging.  The woman then concealed the discs in her clothes and attempted to leave the store making no attempt to pay for the items.  Police were notified and charged the woman with one count of Theft Under $5000.  She was released on an Appearance Notice for Court.
Woman Arrested After Failing to Attend Court
A thirty seven year old Windsor woman wanted by St. Thomas Police on a warrant for failing to attend court was arrested in London on Sunday night by Officers with the London Police Service.  The woman was originally arrested back on August 20th after she stole six hundred and fifty dollars worth of merchandise from the St. Thomas Walmart Store.  After her arrest, officers located over one thousand dollars worth of Crystal Methamphetamine in her vehicle. The woman was facing charges of one count of Theft Under $5000 and one count of Drug Possession.  The woman was transported back to St. Thomas from London and was held in custody at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for her court appearance.
Impaired Driver Flees Scene of Collision
Police have arrested a forty seven year old St. Thomas man and charged him with several impaired driving offences after he caused a collision and then fled the scene.  The incident occurred around 10 pm on Monday October 8th when a Dodge Caravan travelling eastbound on Elm Street near Peach Tree was suddenly rear ended by a Toyota Corolla also travelling eastbound on Elm Street.  The Caravan attempted to pull over to exchange information however the driver of the Corolla fled the scene.  The driver of the Caravan followed the Corolla while the passenger called 911.  The driver was arrested at his residence after police suspected he was impaired.  Initial breath samples indicate the driver had approximately 200 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood.  The driver is now charged with one count of Impaired Driving, one count of Driving with Over 80 Milligrams of Alcohol in 100 Milliliters of Blood, one count Fail to Stop at the Scene of an Accident and one count Drive Motor Vehicle with Open Liquor Container.  The driver was later released on a Promise to Appear in Court.  No one was injured as a result of the collision.

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