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Theft From Thrift Store / Warrant

Theft From Thrift Store
A sixty eight year old St. Thomas woman has been charged for stealing from the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Edward Street.  The woman was recorded on video surveillance multiple times taking items from the donation area located just outside the rear doors of the store.  The woman was recognized and identified by staff who believe the woman steals from the donation bins and then sells the items at yard sales.  The woman now stands accused of one count of Theft Under $5000 and was released on an Appearance Notice for Court.  Once an item has been placed outside a thrift store in a marked donation area, the item is considered donated and automatically becomes the property of the store.  It is illegal to remove any donated items and removing them constitutes theft.
A twenty six year old female was arrested on a warrant last night around 11:30 pm on Talbot Street.  The woman was wanted for one count of Theft Under $5000 from an incident involving a stolen tablet back on April 1st and two additional counts of Breach of Probation.  She was taken into custody and later released on a Promise To Appear In Court

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