The St. Thomas Police Service is pleased to announce a new partnership with Timea’s Cause.


Timea’s Cause is a sustainable advocacy and educational center. Their mission is to build a global survivor led human trafficking detection educational center for the private and public sector.  With funding announced earlier this year made possible through a Community Safety and Policing Grant – Provincial Stream, the St. Thomas Police Service will be able to enhance training for staff and community partners.

The grant called for the development of collaborative new partnerships in the community in efforts to support police services as they implement public safety initiatives.  Specifically, the grant aims to provide police services with the necessary tool and resources to enable the deployment of front-line police officers when and where they are needed most.   The Timea’s Choice online institute provides Human Trafficking Detection and Compliance Training to both law enforcement and service providers.  Through this online learning, individuals serving the public will learn to detect and intervene where they suspect human trafficking is occurring.

This joint effort is one more initiative where the St. Thomas Police Service will work towards making substantial progress to support survivors and eradicate human trafficking.  For more information visit




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