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Suspicious Vehicle Investigation Ends

St. Thomas Police have been monitoring the city specifically the Aldborough Avenue area extensively since the beginning of March when two separate reports of a suspicious vehicle were made to police.  In both cases two different teen aged females walking in the area during early afternoon hours were approached by a male driving a small SUV.   The same description was given to police in both incidents:  Male driver, mid 20’s to early 30’s, light brown hair, larger muscular build, driving a small green/grey SUV.  In both incidents the females were offered a ride and when they declined the male drove away.  Several leads were received by the public however none led to the actual vehicle and driver in question.
There have been no further reports of the suspicious vehicle since the original report was released to media last month.  However, should the vehicle reappear, police are asking the public to please try to record the license plate, make and model of the vehicle.  We understand that these incidents happen quickly and most often catch a person off guard but if you can remember to pull out you cell phone or Ipod and take a picture or video of the vehicle as it drives away, it will increase the likelihood of police making an arrest.

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