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STPS Release First Quarter Stats

First quarter stats are in for 2018 and the data collected is as follows:
Calls For Service To Police      4 036      (up 971 from 2017=3065)
Criminal Code Charges               513      (up 191 from 2017=322)
Impaired Driving Offences           11       (up 7 from 2017=4)

  • 3 offences in the first quarter are by drug, creeping up to 2017’s total of 5 for the year

Mental Health Calls                     384

  • These calls are related to addiction, homelessness and mental health.  The calls are time consuming for police and we are working closely with community partners and in house mental health response workers to alleviate the pressures on police resources

Drug Enforcement                        40      (up 28 from 2017)

  • These numbers are the result of a newly formed Street Crimes Unit and frontline Uniform Patrol working together


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