STPS Celebrate International Women's Day

(Back Row: PC Lois Hardman and PC Helaine Hindley  Middle: PC Tanya Calvert and PC Heather White  Front: PC Amanda VanTroost)

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, the St. Thomas Police Service is recognizing some of our amazing female officers who have devoted their passion for policing and dedication to making the world a better place right here in the city of St. Thomas.  STPS currently employs twelve female police officers working in various divisions which include Supervisory, General Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Community Engagement and Crime Stoppers.  Another twenty one women are employed with the civilian division of the police service working in Data Entry, CPIC Maintenance, Court Services, Evidence and Property.   Are you female and thinking of a career in policing?  We can help make it happen.  Visit our website at for information.

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