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STPS Arrest Three Men In Theft Ring

                                                                            Emir Zejnic                                               Ryan Walls                                        Clayton Hindley
The St. Thomas Police Street Crimes Unit have arrested three men in connection to a theft ring that stole more than forty five thousand dollars worth in property.  It all started when STPS released images of two trucks stealing a utility trailer from the Stumps R Us business located on the north side of town.  Tips from the public regarding sightings of one of the trucks lead Officers to an address in London.  Enough information was collected to grant a search warrant at the London house with the assistance of London Police Services.   The information collected at the search warrant pointed to two subsequent locations of interest where officers attended and retrieved additional stolen property.  As a result, Police were able to seized a large quantity of legally owned firearms, one prohibited sawed off shotgun, one prohibited high capacity magazine and most of the reported stolen property.  When police located the  Stumps R Us trailer, it had already been significantly altered with all the decals and licence plate removed. Officers also seized a 2007 Ford F150 from one of the accused as offence related property.
Now charged is:
Emir Zejnic  (40 Years) of London with; one count of theft over $5000, one count of possession of a prohibited firearm, on count of possession of a prohibited device.
Ryan Walls (26 Years) of Glencoe with; one count of theft over $5000, one count of possession of property obtained by crime.
Clayton Hindley (27 Years) of Aylmer with; one count of theft over $5000
St Thomas Police would like to thank everyone who came forward with information after seeing photos of the vehicles.   The community response played a huge role in the successful outcome of this investigation.  Thanks also to members of the London Police Service who assisted in this multi jurisdictional effort.

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