Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the green beer will be flowing tonight! If you’re planning to partake in the festivities tonight, be sure to plan for the safety of yourself and others first.
Here are some tips to ensure that you’re not relying on luck to have a safe, fun St. Patrick’s Day whether it’s at home or out on the town.
Plan Ahead
1) Have a designated driver. It goes without saying: Don’t ever drink and drive. Plan in advance for someone in your party to abstain from alcohol. Thank them by picking up their (non-alcoholic) tab and reimbursing them for their gas.
2) Have an alternate plan. If no designated driver is available, make other arrangements (before the evening starts, if possible) for a ride home. Options include calling a friend or family member, or renting a room at a hotel. Remember there are also other safe driving alternatives, such as taxi companies.
Stay Aware
3) Drink water and eat food. Don’t drink on an empty stomach and keep your belly full.
4) Don’t leave your drink unattended.
5) Keep an eye on your friends. Make sure your friends stay within their limits, and never let anyone drive drunk. If you have to, take their keys and help them find an alternate way home or to a hotel.
6) If you’re the designated driver, drive carefully. Even though you haven’t been drinking, others on the road may well have. Drive extra defensively and make sure everyone in your car remains buckled up. Keep a keen eye out for pedestrians, who may not have all their wits about them after a night of partying.
Above all, stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day!

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