Kevin George Ashford 42 – no fixed address

2022 – 50 Charges (to date) 15 more charges pending in 2022
2021 – 17 Charges
2020 – 53 Charges
2019 – 17 Charges

(break & enter, possession of stolen property, theft, breach of release conditions)

Since 2018 Ashford has generated 270 case files. 115 criminal charges have been withdrawn by the courts.

ASHFORD has several court-imposed conditions. He demonstrates no respect for the courts or justice system and blatantly disregards the conditions imposed resulting in 30 breach of release charges in 2022 alone, 20 of which were withdrawn and 10 are pending.

We are advising the public of ASHFORD’S release, as his presence in your business or neighbourhood creates a substantial concern for PROPERTY CRIME OFFENCES.

We are asking our community to contact STPS if ASHFORD is observed breaking the law, as we will respond to bring this repeat offender back before the courts.

STPS continue to make arrests and bring ASHFORD to court. It is unfortunate that we have to take this next step to protect the public. However, without adequate consequences or compulsory pathways to rehabilitation programs, the well-being of our community is at risk.

It is my responsibility to ensure that I do what I can within the parameters of the law to keep our community safe. It truly is a challenge balancing the needs of the victim and supporting the vulnerable, and police officers are often caught in the middle. As stated in the Police Services Act, crime prevention is a core function of policing.

Chief Chris Herridge

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