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October 18, 2018

The St. Thomas Police Service has recently added the Colt C8 Carbine Rifle as an additional long gun option for their front line officers. Although shotguns have been deployed to STPS officers for over a decade, the C8 is a welcome addition. The C8 rifle is easier to load, lighter to carry, offers increased accuracy in certain situations and can shoot longer distances than the shotgun. It is a safer alternative in those rare situations with active shooters or barricaded subjects. The St. Thomas Police Service will be cross training officers on the proper handling and use of the C8 for instances when a high risk response is required. The St. Thomas Police Service is one of the last remaining services to acquire the C8 rifles for frontline deployment. Neighbouring police services, both large and small, already have the C8 rifles available for use. The implementation of this additional tool will keep our officers and the community safe. The Moncton shooting deaths of three RCMP officers in 2014 prompted a lengthy investigative report with several recommendations, one of which, was for the immediate deployment of patrol carbines for frontline officer use. Our service recognizes the value of the Moncton Report and has been planning this implementation for months. The St. Thomas Police Service was able to acquire the rifles at no cost through a program provided by the Canadian Department of National Defense. All acquired C8 rifles have been refurbished to suit the needs of a municipal police service.

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