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Motorist helps Nab Impaired Driver

Observant motorists help St. Thomas officers catch Impaired driver on Friday afternoon.

St. Thomas police responded to calls Friday afternoon at the Elgin Mall parking lot where it was reported a driver had been observed being ‘all over the road’, driving over a curb, sidewalk on to the grass, eventually parking  in the lot.  Officers were able to locate the vehicle and it’s driver within minutes, and found the driver suspected to be impaired by drugs.  The 36 year old St. Thomas resident was arrested at the scene for Impaired operation of a conveyance and brought to the St. Thomas Police station where he completed several tests given to him by a Drug Recognition Expert.  As a result of the failed tests the driver now faces criminal charges of Impaired Operation of a conveyance, and possession of a controlled substance.  The driver was held in custody for a period of time, then released with conditions and a future court date.

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