Media Release Wednesday July 15, 2020

The St. Thomas Police made 2 arrests for outstanding warrants.  The first one involves a 35 year old male who was later released with a future court date and the second one involves a 25 year old male who was transported to a detention facility.

Sometime overnight an unknown person broke into a garage in the north end of the City and stole a green and black Schwinn Riggity Mountain Bicycle valued at $379.00.  The bike has an identifiable trailer mount attachment on the rear left side and a camo tactical bracelet on the neck of the frame.

Police are investigating a theft of a Canada Post Package that occurred from a porch on Princess Ave.  The theft occurred at 12:05 in the afternoon.   It is unknown who is responsible for stealing the package however a car of interest was observed in the area at the time of the theft.

Police are investigating a theft of a wagon from a front porch  of a residence on Scott Street.  The wagon is a Yardworks wagon with the railings painted orange and valued at $400.00

Police are investigating a motor vehicle collision that occurred in the area of Gladstone and Princess Ave.  The 78 year old female driver struck a house and 2 gas meters before being stopped by police.   As a result the driver is facing a Dangerous Operation and a  Fail to Remain charges.  She was released with a future court date.

Police attended an apartment on Talbot Street to check the well being of a male who became assaultive to police.  The 27 year old male was arrested and later released with a future court date.

Police are investigating a report of tires being slashed on a vehicle that was parked behind a building on Talbot Street.   Estimated damage to be $300.00.

Lastly, The St. Thomas Police arrested a 28 year old male as a result of a domestic incident.  The male attended an address that he was prohibited from attending and assaulted the female inside the residence.  The male is charged with the following offences: Fail to Comply with Undertaking X2, Spousal Assault and Mischief.  Male was transported to the police station to make a court appearance.




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