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Man Attacked By Dog / Road Rage

Dog Attack
St. Thomas Police were called to a Ross Street apartment around 3 am this morning after Paramedics requested assistance controlling a dog while they tended to the owners wounds.  A fifty one year old man was sleeping in bed with his ninety pound Presa Canario dog when he woke up.  The man went to push the dog off the bed when  the dog bit the owner twice on the forearm breaking the skin.  911 was called when the dog owner could not get the wound to stop bleeding.  The man was transported to hospital and the dog was secured in his apartment by officers.  The St. Thomas Health Unit was notified of the incident.
Road Rage
A St. Thomas driver was followed home from London yesterday during a road rage incident.   The driver called 911 when he arrived at his north side residence to report that the driver of a truck had followed him right to his house.  Officers arrived on scene and spoke to the driver of the truck who indicated that he “didn’t appreciate being cut off” and accused the other driver of doing so.  The driver of the truck was warned about his actions and sent on his way.
STPS is urging drivers to be courteous to each other.  It is not the personal responsibility of any driver to take matters into their own hands to school other drivers on how to drive properly.  Remember these tips:

  • Control your anger
  • Don’t take traffic problems personally
  • Don’t make obscene gestures
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t lay on your horn to intimidate
  • Don’t block other cars from passing

If you are dealing with an aggressive driver, lock your doors and call 911 or drive directly to the nearest police station.  If you see dangerous driving the proper approach is to record the vehicle’s licence plate and call police.  There are several charges under the Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code of Canada that address Road Rage Incidents.  Consequences range from a monetary fine to jail time.

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