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Increase in Bike Thefts

The St. Thomas Police Service has experienced a recent increase in the reports of stolen bicycles. Police would like to remind the public that there are certain steps that people can take to help minimize the risk of having their bike stolen and increase the chances of recovering it, if it is stolen. No matter where you are, make sure that you are locking your bike and using a quality lock to secure it. Thieves only need seconds to ride away with a bike. Ensure you keep a record of the serial number, make, model, colour and year of the bike. People can also take photos of their bike, showing any distinguishing features that may help the bike stand out or allow you to identify it should it be recovered.
If you happen to see someone on your stolen bike, maintain visual contact and call police immediately. Police do not recommend confronting the bike thieves on your own. If you see someone acting suspicious around a parked, unattended bicycle, take note of the person’s appearance and phone the St. Thomas Police Service to report the incident. Let’s all play a role in helping to deter bike thefts and other crimes in our community.

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