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Fraud Leads to 10 Charges for St. Thomas Man / Criminal Harassment Charge / Police Continue to Respond to Fentanyl Overdoses

Fraud Leads to 10 Charges for St. Thomas Man
The St. Thomas Police arrested 27 year old  Adrian Paul of St. Thomas relating to numerous fraud and forged document charges.  The victim of the fraud was known to Paul where he used bank cards, cheques, and used the victims bank account in an unauthorized manner.  The St. Thomas Police were contacted by the victim on the 18th of January 2019 resulting resulting in Paul being charged with 4 counts of uttering a forged document, 5 counts of fraud under $5000, and one count of theft under $5000.  Paul is to appear in court on the 26th of February 2019 to answer to the charges.
Criminal Harassment Charge
On the 26th of January 2019, a  42 year old St. Thomas man was arrested and charged with domestic related criminal harassment, 2 counts of failing to comply with his conditions of a recognizance, and failing to comply with probation.  The man was held in custody and to appear in court in St. Thomas by video on the 31st of January 2019.
Police Continue to Respond to Fentanyl Overdoses
On the 27th of January 2019, the St. Thomas Police Service were called to attend a Talbot Street apartment for a 34 year old St. Thomas man who overdosed on Fentanyl.  Paramedics responded to the apartment where the man was reported to have stopped breathing.  Narcan / Naloxone was administered prior to emergency services arriving at the apartment.  The man was revived by providing the medication used to counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose.  The man was transported to hospital for treatment and observation.  The St. Thomas Police continue to warn the public of the deadly effects that Fentanyl and other opioids can have when used illicitly.

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