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Fraud Arrests

Second Suspect Caught
Police have arrested a forty one year old St. Thomas woman who was wanted for Fraud from an incident back in December of 2017.  Her male accomplice was taken into custody last week however the female evaded arrest until now.  She is charged with three counts of Fraud Under $5000 and three counts of Utter Forged Document.  The couple are alleged to have deposited several bogus cheques to a bank machine and immediately withdrew the funds knowing the cheque would return to the bank insufficient funds.
Fraud Suspects Arrested
A twenty six year old woman and a twenty five year old man have been arrested for Fraud after trying to deposit stolen cheques into their account.  The incident began when a box of cheques were stolen from a mailbox back in January.  The stolen cheques surfaced this month when the man and woman along with a third suspect attended the BMO on Talbot Street an deposited two of the stolen cheques into an account and immediately withdrew the money.  The investigation began when the owner of the cheques noticed $600 worth of suspicious cheques written on his account and contacted police.  All three individuals were recorded on security video at the ATM making the fraudulent transactions.  Police were able to identify all three suspects and take two of them into custody quickly.  Both stand accused of one count of Fraud Under $5000 and one count of Utter Forged Document.  The accused will appear in court to answer to the charge at a later date. The third suspect, a nineteen year old male remains at large.

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