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Festive R.I.D.E Results

Members of the St. Thomas Police Service have concluded their annual Festive R.I.D.E program and the numbers are in.  Officers stopped 1 720 vehicles at five different stationary check points that were set up around the city during the month of December.  Out of those vehicles stopped, police formed grounds to issue three roadside screenings.  As a result one driver registered a pass, one driver registered a warn having between .05 and .08 mgs of alcohol in 100 mls of blood and was issued a three day suspension.  The last driver was issued a seven day suspension for issuing a warn while having a previous alcohol suspension on his driving record within the last five years.

During mobile enforcement from their cruisers on general patol, officers arrested four drivers that were impaired by alcohol and one impaired by drugs.

8-Dec 57 yrs male 12:00 AM 190 mgs Impaired Driving/Over .80
9-Dec 24 yrs male 4:15 PM 90 mgs Impaired Driving/Suspend Drive X2/Novice Driver B.A.C. Above Zero
9-Dec 77 yrs male 4:30 PM 120 mgs Impaired Driving/Over .80
27-Dec 61 yrs male 2:15 AM 160 mgs Impaired Driving/Over .80
23-Dec 69 yrs male 1:15 PM DRUG Impaired Driving by Drug

These results are an improvement from last year in 2016 when officers charged eight drivers in total with Impaired Driving.

In 2017, St. Thomas Police arrested and charged a total of fifty two drivers with Impaired Driving, up from thirty nine drivers in 2016.

58 39 52


Although this concludes the festive R.I.D.E program for 2017, St. Thomas Police officers remain diligent patrolling the streets for impaired drivers.

STPS #seriousaboutsafety

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