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Drunken Man Discovered in Wrong The House

St. Thomas police officers responded to a call from a homeowner shortly after 4 am Saturday, reporting an unknown male in the residence.  Police arrived at the Alma Street residence to find an intoxicated male asleep on the homeowner’s couch.  The drunken male had broken into the residence causing himself injury before he made himself at home and fell asleep on the couch.  When the male was arrested he realized that he had entered the wrong home, mistaking it for his own.  The homeowner did not know the male.  A 45 year old St. Thomas man was arrested and charged with Mischief and Being intoxicated in a public place.  The male was held in custody until sober and later released with a future court date.
Female Driver Arrested on Outstanding Warrant
London Police arrested a 30 year old female on Friday night wanted by St. Thomas Police for Driving while suspended.  The female was brought to St. Thomas where she was later released with a future court date.  Driving while Suspended, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act, carries a potential fine of up to $6500 for subsequent offences as well as the possibility of jail time (up to 6 months).

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