Domestic Charges and False 911 Calls

A thirty eight year old St. Thomas man has been arrested after police responded to a 911 call made from a Talbot Street apartment.  The man had been in a verbal argument with his thirty eight year old girlfriend when it became physical. The woman called police.  Officers on scene took the man into custody without incident and he is now charged with one count of Assault and one count of Mischief.  The man was released on a Promise To Appear in court.
False 911 Calls
A fifty five year old woman has been charged with Mischief after calling 911 three time in one hour.  Police responded to her Elgin Street residence around 2:30 am this morning to be told by the woman that there was no emergency, she just wanted to see how long it took police to get to her house.  Officers gave the woman a stern warning and left.  She failed to heed the advice of officers and then placed two additional 911 calls to the fire department.  The woman was issued an Appearance Notice for court.

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