Court Dispositions

Our Weekly Court Disposition is a report sent out every week to officers advising the outcome of arrests and charges that have occurred in the city.

The court’s disposition is the final settlement of the matter pending an appeal.
This redacted version is an illustration of what types of charges meet the court’s requirement of release with conditions, what type of penalties are being issued upon conviction and how many charges are simply being withdrawn.
The St. Thomas Police Service has long explained that our abilities are limited with the current “catch and release” approach to justice. Officers across Ontario exhaust themselves policing their cities with fairness, compassion, dignity and respect only to see the same offenders being arrested repeatedly.
We cannot arrest our way out of the cycle of poverty, addiction, homelessness and mental health, nor should vulnerable people be treated like criminals. It will take an authentic and genuine commitment from all of our community partners and levels of government to help those who cannot help themselves.






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